Judo master

catarevas-renaBoston College graduate Eve Nadel Catarevas has written a picture book biography of Rena Glickman, a pioneer of women’s judo. Glickman, known professionally as Rusty Kanokogi, was born in Brooklyn and practiced judo throughout her life. She was not allowed to participate in competitions because she was female. She later became the first woman accepted at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan. She opened a co-ed judo school and funded women’s judo competitions. She lobbied tirelessly for women’s judo to become an Olympic event and served as the U.S. Olympic team’s first coach. Rena Glickman, Queen of Judo (Kare-Ben Publishing, 2022) is illustrated by Martina Peluso. Catarevas, who earned a bachelor’s degree from BC in 1979, says she enjoys sharing the achievements of little-known historical figures with young readers. Kirkus called Rena Glickman a “worthy homage to a fascinating woman who was a force for change in a man’s world.”

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