Crisis of freedom

decosse-created freedomThe concept of freedom in the United States has become identified with an abstract, radical individualism disdainful of responsibility to others and to the past, according to theologian David DeCosse. In his new book, Created Freedom under the Sign of the Cross, DeCosse offers a Catholic theological response that provides a redemptive path forward in an age of crisis. DeCosse draws on thinkers such as Amartya Sen, BC Professor Emerita M. Shawn Copeland, and Karl Rahner in order to reimagine American freedom in light of classic Catholic emphases on embodiment, relationship, history, the good, and God. DeCosse earned a Ph.D. in theological ethics from Boston College. He is the director of Religious and Catholic Ethics and Campus Ethics Programs at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics and an adjunct associate professor of religious studies at Santa Clara University. The creator and co-editor of a series of books on conscience and Catholicism, he also has written for publications including the National Catholic Reporter.

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