Freedom and joy in commitment

Rossmann-freedomIn his new book The Freedom of Missing Out (Loyola Press, 2022), Boston College alumnus Rev. Michael Rossmann, S.J., shatters the popular conception that we should say yes to everything lest we miss out on something better. He taps into his study of economics to consider the “opportunity cost” of saying yes. Fr. Rossmann says, “The next time you’re invited to do something, ask yourself, ‘If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?’ A new commitment inevitably reduces the time and energy we have for our previous commitments. There is always an opportunity cost.” Instead, Fr. Rossmann urges readers to focus on the freedom of “missing out” and the joy that comes from committing to something or someone. “We can enjoy building something great rather than look around to see what might be better,” he writes. In Freedom of Missing Out, Fr. Rossmann offers a practical plan for developing emotional courage, increasing focus, and learning to say no to what depletes and yes to what gives meaning, vitality, and purpose. Fr.  Rossmann, who is working on a doctorate at the Gregorian University in Rome, is a graduate of BC’s School of Theology and Ministry.

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