Postcards from Paris

bettyvilleIn Bettyville (Viking, 2015), magazine and book editor George Hodgman, travels from New York City to Paris, but readers should not expect a glamorous travelogue. The destination is Paris, Missouri, and Hodgman returns to his childhood home and cares for his mother who is living with dementia. Hodgman’s memoir, a New York Times bestseller, is a bittersweet story about a mother and a son. Sharing a home once again, they grapple with regrets and resentments while finding humor, grace and respect in the everyday life of this new chapter of their relationship.  Hodgman, who earned a master’s degree from Boston College, has been an editor at Simon and Schuster, Vanity Fair and Houghton Mifflin. Listen to an interview with Hodgman on NPR’s “Fresh Air.” | More from the New York Times. Last week, Paramount Television announced that it is in development to adapt the book into a half-hour dramedy series.

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