In honor of Richard Cobb-Stevens

cobb stevensPhilosophy Professor Emeritus Richard Cobb-Stevens’ work in phenomenological philosophy, analytic philosophy and the history of philosophy has served as model for generations of philosophers working between these three fields of research. As a tribute to Cobb-Stevens, several leading experts in phenomenological philosophy from North America and Europe have contributed essays to a new volume, Phenomenology in a New Key: Between Analysis and History: Essays in Honor of Richard Cobb-Stevens (Springer, 2015). Edited by Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Bloechl and Nicolas de Warren, Phenomenology in a New Key brings phenomenological thinking to bear on a wide variety of problems, from the nature of artworks and photography to questions concerning consciousness and knowledge. Historical figures such as Aristotle and Hobbes are innovatively brought into dialogue with phenomenological thinking. Among the book’s contributors are Associate Professor of Philosophy Andrea Staiti and Emeritus faculty member Jacques Taminiaux.

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1 Response to In honor of Richard Cobb-Stevens

  1. Frank McLaughlin says:

    Congratulations Dick. This is an honor well deserved

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