Yeats and Afterwords

yeatsAssociate Professor of English Marjorie Howes is a contributor to and co-editor (with  Joseph Valente) of Yeats and Afterwords (University of Notre Dame Press, 2014). The book’s contributors articulate Nobel Prize winner W. B. Yeats’s powerful, multi-layered sense of belatedness as part of his complex literary method. They explore how Yeats deliberately positioned himself at various historical endpoints—of Romanticism, of the Irish colonial experience, of the Ascendancy, of civilization itself—and, in doing so, created a distinctively modernist poetics of iteration capable of registering the experience of finality and loss. While the crafting of such a poetics remained a constant throughout Yeats’s career, the particular shape it took varied over time, depending on which lost object Yeats was contemplating. Howes is the author of Yeats’s Nations: Gender, Class and Irishness.

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