Kindness of strangers

pathA new book by Casey Beaumier, SJ, director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College, recalls his days as a Jesuit novice and a pilgrimage he took to help in his discernment.  A Purposeful Path: How Far Can You Go with $30, a Bus Ticket, and a Dream? (Loyola Press, 2015) is part memoir and part inspirational guide. Readers will join the young Jesuit as he travels the Appalachian Trail, reliant only on the kindness of strangers and his faith. Through it all, Fr. Beaumier discovers that the best way through life’s hard battles is to trust God and keep on moving. Fr. Beaumier earned a doctorate in United States religious history from Boston College. He teaches in the Capstone Program and serves as mentor and spiritual director for students, seminarians, women religious and priests. Read an excerpt. Video

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