Poetry collections from BC Law student

bioku_we ponderbillie-untetheredBillie Bioku, who will graduate this month from Boston College Law School, has published two books of poetry. We Ponder: Unsettled Minds (Archway Publishing, 2023), Bioku’s debut poetry collection, is a reflection of classic poetry with abstract concepts that touches on subjects such as love, spirituality/religion, heartbreak, mental illness, and more. “I want readers to know that they are not alone in the experiences they go through, and that I hope this book helps them to become more vulnerable with themselves and others,” said Bioku. Her second collection, Untethered Grounds (Archway Publishing, 2023), focuses on elemental properties, society, self, and humanity.

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1 Response to Poetry collections from BC Law student

  1. Taylor says:

    I enjoyed reading ‘We Ponder’ and will be looking forward to reading the new book! Congrats Billie!

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