Finding your voice

piccoloInformed by her 40+ years of experience as an educator and guidance counselor, Boston College alumna Cynthia Daigle Xenakis has written a book that teaches kids ages 9-12 how to deal with bullying through self-confidence, empathy, and the power of a strong voice. Piccolo & the Big Ol’ Cat tells the story of fifth-grader Monique Abbott, who starts at a new school after her family moves to another town. Monique, who has a stutter, becomes the target of bullying. Inspired by her dog, Piccolo, and her aunt’s cat, Bertha, Monique develops a campaign that helps her and other students stand up to bullies. Xenakis has dedicated her career to helping students navigate relational aggression/bullying and hopes Monique’s story serves as inspiration to students who have experienced bullying. Xenakis earned a B.A. and a M.Ed. from the Lynch School of Education and Human Development.

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