Learning to code, swiftly

All innovators have vision, but some lack the technical skills to build their vision. Learn to Program Using Swift for iOS Development (Flatworld, 2018), a textbook by BC Associate Professor of Information Systems John Gallaugher, presents a different way to learn coding fundamentals. Through video-centered learning and a flipped classroom model, students learn coding by developing apps. According to Gallaugher, there may be no better introduction to programming than Swift for iOS app development–a fast and powerful programming language designed to be less error-prone and highly readable. Once students learn Swift and iOS, they find it easier to acquire new programming languages and development skills for other platforms. Gallaugher is an award-winning professor and founder of Boston College TechTrek, through which students spend several weeks visiting with technology executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Ghana. During his time on the leadership team of the Boston College Venture Competition, entrepreneurs affiliated with the program have built thriving businesses, gained admittance to elite startup accelerators, launched multiple products, and raised over $100 million in capital. He talks about his book in this video from BC Libraries.

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