Medellín at 50

The Second CELAM (Latin American Bishops Council) Conference held in Medellín, Colombia in 1968 was a significant moment for the Catholic Church. It was foundational for the reception of Vatican II, the evolution of liberation theologies, and the emergence of diverse ecclesial movements committed to peace, justice, and the integrity of creation. In the new volume The Grace of Medellín: History, Theology and Legacy (Convivium Press, 2018), 20 theologians, social ethicists, and historians offer reflections on aspects of Medellín that warrant remembrance, recognition, and reinvention, particularly within the context of the United States. The editors of The Grace of Medellín are all faculty members from the School of Theology and Ministry:  Margaret Eletta Guider, O.S.F., associate professor of missiology; Félix Palazzi, associate professor of the practice; and O. Ernesto Valiente, associate professor of systematic theology.

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