Citizen poets of Boston

citizen poetsThis month marks the launch of  The Citizen Poets of Boston: A Collection of Forgotten Poems, 1789–1820 (University Press of New England), an anthology of poetry created during the country’s post-revolution days. The poetry—the work of a generation of virtually forgotten poets who created an intimate and interactive literary culture in Boston–was recovered through the efforts of Boston College students working on a research project led by Professor of English Paul Lewis. A book launch and panel discussion  will be held April 14 from 4 to 6 p.m. in O’Neill Library’s Reading Room. According to alumnus Harrison Kent, this project “gave us the opportunity to rediscover pieces of literature that practically no one had seen for hundreds of years, which is obviously an amazing project for an undergraduate student. It was as much an archaeological dig as it was a study in literature, which is what made discovering these lost treasures so fun and exciting. It’s a truly singular piece of academia, and I’m very glad that we get to share our favorite findings with the rest of Boston—and the world.” Read more in BC News.

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