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How Königsberg Became Kaliningrad

German Blood, Slavic Soil (Cornell University Press, 2023), a new book by Boston College Associate Professor of History Nicole Eaton, reveals how Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, 20th-century Europe’s two most violent revolutionary regimes, transformed a single city and … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict and German Enlightenment

The lifelong engagement of Josef Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) with the German Enlightenment and its contemporary manifestations and heirs is the subject of a new book written by Fr. Maurice Ashley Agbaw-Ebai, who recently earned a doctorate in philosophy from … Continue reading

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Edgar & Brigitte

When Hitler became chancellor of Germany on Janu­ary 30, 1933, there were 525,000 Jews living in Germany. By the end of that year 37,000 had left the country—including Edgar Bodenheimer and Brigitte Levy. Using an extraordinary archive of their personal journals, … Continue reading

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Before the High Holy Days

German/Jewish writer Esther Dischereit will give a multi-media presentation about “Before the High Holy Days the House was Full of Whisperings and Rustlings,” her project in the German city of Dülmen, honoring the city’s former Jewish inhabitants. The presentation will … Continue reading

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