Cut Time, one of the best

Cut Time, the 2003 book by Professor of English Carlo Rotella that chronicles his immersion in the boxing world, has been cited as one of the five best sports books of all time by Gordon Marino, author of The Existentialist’s Survival Guide, for a piece in the Wall Street Journal. Rotella is the director of BC’s American Studies program and the author of Good With Their Hands: Boxers, Bluesmen, and Other Characters from the Rust Belt and Playing in Time: Essays, Profiles, and Other True Stories, among other works.

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Irish Studies book awards

At the annual meeting of the American Conference for Irish Studies held this month at University College Cork, the following authors were among those honored. BC Professor of English Philip O’Leary was awarded the 2018 Michael J. Durkan Prize for Books on Language and Culture for An Underground Theatre: Major Playwrights in the Irish Language 1930–80 (University College Dublin Press). The book was cited as “an incredible contribution to scholarship on Irish theatre and the Irish language…and engagingly well written.” The award citation goes on to state: “In covering the works of five twentieth century playwrights writing in the Irish language, O’Leary offers detailed creation and production histories, right down to the specific theatres across the country that presented the plays under consideration. It is not an overstatement to say that this book will likely remain a resource for scholars and students of Irish language plays for decades if not centuries to come.” More about O’Leary’s book can be found in this BC Bookmarks post from 6-27-17. BC alumnus Hidetaka Hirota won the 2018 Donald Murphy Prize for Distinguished First Book for Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy (Oxford University Press). The award committee called Hirota’s book “deeply researched and carefully crafted.” The award citation goes on to state: “Hirota’s book is a model transatlantic study, skillfully tracking the experience of Irish migrants from their initial departure from Ireland to their expulsion from the United States to their post-deportation lives in Ireland and Britain. Expelling the Poor is destined to become required reading for historians of both Ireland and America, while also informing public discussions of immigration.” More about Expelling the Poor can be found in this BC Bookmarks post from 2-1-17.

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A Church for the poor

Poverty: Responding Like Jesus is a new book from Paraclete Press and the Church in the 21st Century Center that takes a fresh look at the role of churches, and individual Christians, in relating to poverty and the poor among them. Edited by Boston College Professor of Theology Kenneth Himes, O.F.M., and BC graduate Conor M. KellyPoverty: Responding Like Jesus focuses on the biblical and theological roots of the Church’s commitment to care for the poor. The volume features a chapter written by BC’s Joseph Professor of Catholic Spirituality Pheme Perkins.

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Legacy of Title IX

Few laws have had such far-reaching impact as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Intended to give girls and women greater access to sports programs and other courses of study in schools and colleges, the law has since been used by judges and agencies to expand a wide range of antidiscrimination policies. In his new book, The Transformation of Title IX: Regulating Gender Equality in Education (Brookings Institution Press, 2018), Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Professor of American Politics R. Shep Melnick analyzes how interpretations of “equal educational opportunity” have changed over the years and how it has become a central part of legal and political campaigns to correct gender stereotypes, not only in academic settings but in society at large.

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The power of collaboration

collaborativeEducators Andy Hargreaves, a recently retired professor from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, and BC alumnus Michael T. O’Connor, of the Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT) program at Providence College, have co-written a new book highlighting how collaboration can be not only a powerful educational tool, but also the next step in a worldwide effort to improve education. In Collaborative Professionalism: When Teaching Together Means Learning for All (Corwin, 2018), the authors lay out the theory and practice of collaborative professionalism using five case studies. Hargreaves is an award-winning writer and scholar who has been ranked by Education Week among the top 10 scholars with the most influence on the US education policy debate.

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Going viral

YouTube is the biggest pool of cultural data since the beginning of recorded communication, with 400 hours of video uploaded every minute. In his new book, Videocracy: How YouTube Is Changing the World . . . with Double Rainbows, Singing Foxes, and Other Trends We Can’t Stop Watching (Bloomsbury, 2018), Boston College alumnus Kevin Allocca lays bare what YouTube videos say about our society and how our actions online are changing the face of entertainment, advertising, politics, and more. An expert on the intersection of web video and global culture, Allocca is YouTube’s Head of Culture and Trends, tracking popular video phenomena and managing trending content initiatives. Book trailer.

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Redefining how nonprofits solve problems

School of Social Work Associate Professor and Assistant Dean Stephanie Berzin is the co-author of Innovation from Within: Redefining How Nonprofits Solve Problems (Oxford University Press, 2018), which provides a practical framework for how leaders in the nonprofit sector can foster innovation and creativity within their organizations in order to generate greater social impact. Drawing on dozens of real-world case studies from the authors’ research and experiences, Innovation from Within outlines the social innovation environment and sets the stage for innovation work within existing nonprofit agencies. Berzin is co-director of the School of Social Work’s Center for Social Innovation, which works to build the evidence-base for social innovation, prepare tomorrow’s social sector leaders, and promote the capacity of existing agencies to respond to social issues.

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