‘To Carry Wonder’

parker-carry wonderBoston College graduate Emese Parker is author of To Carry Wonder: A Memoir and Guide to Adventures in Pregnancy and Beyond, a new type of pregnancy book that aims to nurture, inspire, and equip mothers-to-be and postpartum mothers. Drawing from her own personal and clinical experiences with pregnancy, Parker authentically presents pregnancy through a curated blend of stories and evidence-based information. Topics covered include mental health and body image, nutrition and activity, health care rights and providers, relaxation and sleep, labor or Cesarean birth prep, and connecting with and feeding your baby, among many others. Parker graduated from the Connell School of Nursing with a master’s degree in 2008. She is a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner, certified perinatal mental health specialist, and mom. Part of the proceeds from the sales of To Carry Wonder will go to International Justice Mission, a global nonprofit working to combat slavery and violence against women and children.

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