Madame Mayor

New Book_wahn booksIn a book for children ages 8-11, alumna Elizabeth Wahn NC’66 introduces a new generation to Felisa Rincón de Gautier, the first woman elected as mayor of a capital city in the Americas. Felisa and The Magic Coquí, available in both Spanish and English, tells the true-life story of Felisa Rincón de Gautier in fable form. Born in 1897, Rincón de Gautier served as mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 1947 to 1969. She was a popular and charismatic leader who helped raise her siblings after her mother’s death, operated a successful clothing business, advocated for women’s rights, and, as mayor, famously had snow transported to her island for the children to play in. Wahn is also author of the YA novel Lindsey and The Jedgar, a fast-paced fantasy adventure that turns children onto the fun of Shakespeare. In the book, 12-year-old Lindsey jets off to visit a rich old aunt on the tropical Isle of Elsinore. Populated by exotic animals, quirky robots, and spry, poetry-loving oldsters, Elsinore seems like a topsy-turvy paradise until the mysterious Jedgar starts threatening the island. As Lindsey and her pals band together to unlock the mystery, all clues point to Shakespeare who turns out to be—or not to be—the key. A writer and teacher, Wahn is a self-described “Bostorican.” She was born and raised in Boston but every summer visited Puerto Rico, where her grandparents lived. She has traveled to more than 100 countries and currently lives in Italy.

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