A McAleer mystery

edgar go goldenBoston College graduate Andrew McAleer is co-editor of a new book that features 12 original mystery stories written exclusively by Edgar Allan Poe Award and Shamus Award-winning authors, including a never-before-published story from Andrew’s late father, BC Professor of English John McAleer. Edgar and Shamus Go Golden (Down & Out Books, 2022) offers readers tales of murder, mystery, and master detection from such literary luminaries as Doug Allyn, Martin Edwards, and Art Taylor. John McAleer’s contribution is “The Case of the Illustrious Banker.” BC graduate Paul McAleer discovered the 85-year-old hand-written, unpublished manuscript among his father’s papers. John McAleer, who graduated from BC in 1945, taught at the University for nearly 50 years. A Pulitzer nominee, he was an acclaimed biographer and mystery writer who won an Edgar Allan Poe Award for his biography of Rex Stout. Andrew McAleer, who graduated BC in 1990, formerly taught at the Woods College of Advancing Studies.

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