Reading Anselm

sweeney-anselmNew Readings of Anselm of Canterbury’s Intellectual Methods (Brill, 2022) presents essays that offer new readings of Anselm’s speculative and spiritual writings on topics including his relationship to Augustine, proofs for God’s existence, faith and reason, human freedom and the problem of evil, his spiritual meditations and prayers, as well as Anselm’s reception by 19th- and 20th-century thinkers, modernism, and feminism. These philosophical, theological, and literary analyses bring fresh perspectives on Anselm both in his historical context and in dialogue with contemporary questions. The papers in this volume were originally presented at the Boston College conference “Reading Anselm: Context and Criticism.” The volume is co-edited by John T. Slotemaker of Fairfield University and Eileen C. Sweeney, a professor of philosophy at Boston College. Sweeney also wrote an essay for the volume titled, “Anselm on Evil and Eudaimonism.” She is the author of Anselm of Canterbury and the Desire for the Word and Words in the Absence of Things: Logic, Theology and Poetry in Boethius Abelard and Alan of Lille.

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