Social scientists on global crises

Bartunek_global crisesAccording to Carroll School Ferris Professor of Management and Organization Jean Bartunek, experts in the natural sciences aren’t the only ones who have vital perspectives on crises such as climate change and COVID. Social scientists understand how such global crises are intertwined with us as individual human beings, in our relationships, our groups, our organizations, our communities, our institutions, and how we collaborate with each other and how we compete with each other. Bartunek is editor of the new book, Social Scientists Confronting Global Crises  (Routledge, 2021), which presents contributions from some 20 respected social scientists that deepen understanding of social phenomena associated with global crises. Through the cases and stories presented, readers learn what social scientists who are involved in both research and practice “can do to address and mitigate (if not prevent) global crises confronting us now and predictably . . . in the future.” Read more in Carroll School News.

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