Pandemic parenting

parenting in the pandemicEducation professors from across the country who have been parenting school-aged kids during COVID contributed first-person essays for a new book, co-edited by Lynch School of Education and Human Development Professor Rebecca Lowenhaupt and George Theoharis of Syracuse University. According to Lowenhaupt, the essays in Parenting in the Pandemic: The Collision of School, Work, and Life at Home (Information Age Publishing, 2021) provide powerful, painful, and joyous perspectives of education professors faced with the reality of schooling their own children in their homes during a global pandemic. The essays capture the upheaval as the professors confront practical (and impractical) aspects of long-held theories about what school could be, see up close the pedagogy their children endure online, and watch education policy go awry—all while trying to maintain their careers at the same time. The following Lynch School faculty contributed to the volume: Kristen Bottema-Beutel, Vincent Cho, Racquel Muñiz, Gabrielle Oliveira, Patrick Proctor, and Martin Scanlan. Lowenhaupt also contributed an essay, titled “A New Process of Living.”

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