At God’s right hand

D. Clint Burnett, who earned a Ph.D. in biblical studies from Boston College, has published Christ’s Enthronement at God’s Right Hand and Its Greco-Roman Cultural Context (De Gruyter | 2021). From the publisher: “Psalm 110:1 is the most referenced Old Testament verse among the documents that make up the New Testament. While most scholars have focused on why the earliest Christians fixated on this verse, little attention has been paid to why Ps 110:1 and its application to Jesus’s exaltation became so widespread in early Christianity. Burnett’s study shows that the Greco-Roman practices of temple and throne sharing contributed to the widespread Christian use of Ps 110:1.” Burnett is a New Testament scholar who teaches at Johnson University in Tennessee. His previous book is Studying the New Testament Through Inscriptions: An Introduction (Hendrickson, 2020).

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