Legal implications for changes in marriage, adoption, divorce

A third edition of Family Law in America (Oxford University Press, 2021) by Darald and Juliet Libby Professor Emeritus Sanford Katz of BC Law School has been published. In this new edition, Katz analyses the majority and dissenting opinions in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, the United States Supreme Court case that lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. The volume also covers topics such as the tension between individual autonomy and governmental regulation in all aspects of family law, the extent to which relationships established before marriage are being regulated, and how marriage is being redefined to take into account gender equality and the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. It also examines fault and no-fault divorce procedures and how new assisted reproductive technologies are having an impact on family formation. | Coming out in May is the third edition of The Law of Domestic Relations in the United States (West Academic Publishing, 2021), by Katz and Homer H. Clark, Jr., which looks at the continuity and changes in the law of domestic relations. In this volume, the authors examine alternatives to marriage like contract cohabitation and civil unions, and marriage itself, in light of state supreme court and United States Supreme Court cases. Other topics include the economics of divorce and division of property, as well as the new regard for openness in adoption. Katz is a former Chair of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association and former editor-in-chief of Family Law Quarterly. He retired in 2015, having taught at BC Law School for nearly 50 years.

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