Immigrants and trauma

Immigrants face a dangerous mix of rising nationalism and xenophobia, alarming rates of displacement within and across nations, war, trafficking, terrorism, and deportation. Multiple traumas stem from these experiences and can be exacerbated by interpersonal violence and other forms of marginalization within communities. The new book Trauma and Racial Minority Immigrants: Turmoil, Uncertainty, and Resistance (American Psychological Association, 2021), edited by Lynch School of Education and Human Development Professor Pratyusha (Usha) Tummala-Narra, examines the lasting impact of trauma for racial minority immigrants in the U.S. and subsequent generations. Trauma and Racial Minority Immigrants explores both the stress and resilience of immigrant groups in the U.S., as well as clinical or community-based efforts to address the multiple traumas that affect immigrants and their children. Tummala-Narra, whose scholarship focuses on immigration, trauma, and cultural competence and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, also contributed a chapter to the volume titled “Interpersonal Violence and the Immigrant Context.” Trauma and Racial Minority Immigrants is intended to help practitioners deepen their understanding of the immigrant experience and develop professional skills to help heal traumatic stress faced by racial minority immigrants.

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