Consecrated life in today’s world

Boston College alumna Maria Cimperman is a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus whose scholarship is at the intersection of moral theology, social ethics, and spirituality. In her new book, Religious Life For Our World: Creating Communities of Hope (Orbis Books, 2020), Sister Cimperman addresses how congregations can adapt to what is being asked of them today by both people and the planet. She explores how God’s call, the needs of the world, and the charisms of consecrated life can come together in a way that dynamically engages the vows, prayer, community, and ministry for today’s world. Sr. Cimperman is an associate professor of theological ethics at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and director of CTU’s Center for the Study of Consecrated Life. Her other publications include Social Analysis for the 21st¬†Century: Faith and Action Toward a Socially Conscious Spirituality and Engaging Our Diversity: Interculturality and Consecrated Life Today, co-edited with Roger Schroeder, SVD.

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