Jesuit Kaddish

Kraft Family Professor of Philosophy James Bernauer, S.J., takes a critical look at the Jesuit order in his new book Jesuit Kaddish: Jesuits, Jews, and Holocaust Remembrance (Notre Dame Press, 2020). According to the publisher, Jesuit Kaddish “is a long overdue study that looks at Jesuit hostility toward Judaism before the Shoah.” Fr. Bernauer then examines the development of a new understanding in Catholic teaching about Judaism and the Jesuits who contributed to that understanding, as well as the landmark decree Nostra aetate, issued by the Second Vatican Council. Fr. Bernauer, who directs the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College, notes that the Society of Jesus has never articulated a statement of regret to the Jewish people, and hopes his book establishes the need and rationale for such an apology.

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