In the School of Ignatius

A major dimension of Jesuit and Ignatian spirituality is the spirituality of docta pietas (learned devotion) or of a “teaching that is holy, devout, righteous, revelatory.” For centuries this spirituality’s great legislative expression within the Society of Jesus has been the plan of studies—published in 1599— known as the Ratio Studiorum. In a new book, Jesuit priest Claude Pavur seeks to “sharpen people’s idea of Jesuit education by looking carefully at the Ratio Studiorum and its importance.” In the School of Ignatius: Studious Zeal and Devoted Learning offers essays which argue that what lies at the heart of the Ratio remains inescapably foundational for the Jesuit order, as well as for its education and spirituality. Fr. Pavur is an associate editor at Boston College’s Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, which has published this book as part of its IJS Studies–Research on Jesuits and the Society of Jesus imprint.

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