The caretakers

Stephen Paul Sayers, a Boston College alumnus, is a research professor and an author of supernatural thriller/horror fiction. His Caretaker Series debuted last year with the novel A Taker of Morrows (Hydra Publications, 2018). Set in his home state of Massachusetts, A Taker of Morrows introduces readers to Richard Granville who finds out he has 24 hours to live. His attempts to stay alive put him on a collision course with a dark and vengeful killer from the afterlife. This sets up the series as a battle between the caretakers, who protect earthly souls, and jumpers, who prey on them. In Sayers’ second novel, The Soul Dweller, Richard and his wife Kacey work to protect youngsters from the jumpers who are snatching up children and taking them back time. The Immortal Force, the third book in Sayers’s series, is scheduled for release this fall. Read an interview with Sayers in the Columbia Missourian.

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