Faith for the Heart

Renowned author and religious education expert Thomas Groome, a professor in BC’s School of Theology and Ministry, has written a new book “especially for the ‘nones,’ for the ‘spiritual but not religious,’ and for anyone challenged in their faith at this time.” Faith for the Heart: A “Catholic” Spirituality (Paulist Press, 2019) is a book about the rewards of a life lived with faith. Groome writes that in this post-modern, secular world we can turn to the truths, values, and spiritual wisdom of Christian faith to to help satisfy the deepest desires of the human heart: fullness, love, happiness and a reliable way to achieve it, freedom, and a wholesome holiness of life toward authenticity as human beings. While Groome relies on his own Catholic Christian faith as a resource, he notes that the Catholic in the subtitle is in quotes because “people in any faith community can benefit from its spiritual wisdom to enrich their own.” Groome also is the author of What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life and Will There Be Faith?: A New Vision for Educating and Growing Disciples, among many other titles.

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