More from the Outcasts

Whispers of Spring, the third installment in Chuck Abdella‘s Outcasts fantasy book series, has been published. The series continues to follow the story of Octavia, Alexia, Quintus, Hector and friends. As the adventure continues, some secrets will be revealed, and others will remain untold. The previous titles in the Outcasts Series are: The Lies of Autumn and The Darkest ForestsAbdella is a Boston College graduate who teaches history at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury, Mass.

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2 Responses to More from the Outcasts

  1. C. A. ABDELLA, BCLS '67 says:

    I am always impressed by the command of the language evidenced with the fantastic creativity displayed by Chuck Abdella in the THE OUTCASTS series. The Whispers of Spring brings the reader to a new plateau of reading enjoyment and excitement. Indeed, Boston College can be incredibly proud of its alumnus and it is a testimonial for the Jesuit educational tradition.

  2. Monica says:

    Wow what outstanding writing. So full of twists and turns. Hope Chuck abdella writes a fourth book. He is creative and his writing is awesome. Lucky students at St. John’s high school in Shrewsbury Mass to have Mr. Abdella
    I would love to sit in one of classes and listen to him teach. If he can write such marvelous books his teaching has to be superb.

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