New journalism minor at BC

Associate Professor of English Angela Ards, who joined Boston College this fall, will help develop and direct a new interdisciplinary minor in journalism expected to debut in the fall of 2018. Ards is a former editor and writer at The Village Voice and The Nation and contributor to Ms. Magazine and other publications. She is the author of the book Words of Witness: Black Women’s Autobiography in the Post-Brown Era, which examines how the memoirs of Melba Beals, Rosemary Bray, June Jordan, Eisa Davis, Edwidge Danticat and other civil rights activists diverge from presumptive “official” accounts of the era. Ards’ experience as a journalist and work as a scholar in the fields of literature, history and cultural studies will be equally important in BC’s effort to recast journalism in a modern, multidisciplinary liberal arts framework while retaining awareness of its tradition and tenets. Read more from BC News.

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