Jesuit mysticism

In A Companion to Jesuit Mysticism (Brill Publishers, 2017), editor Robert A. Maryks presents 13 essays on the Jesuit mystical tradition, a somewhat neglected aspect of Jesuit historiography that stretches as far back as Ignatius of Loyola, his spiritual visions at Manresa, and ultimately the mystical perspective contained in his Spiritual Exercises. Maryks is an associate director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies and editor of Jesuit Sources at BC. Among the contributors to A Companion to Jesuit Mysticism are Professor Emeritus of Systematic and Mystical Theology Harvey D. Egan, S.J. and Assistant Professor of Theology Andrew Prevot. Fr. Egan’s essay is on “Karl Rahner (1904-84) and His Mystical Theology.” Prevot contributed “Henri de Lubac (1896-1991) and Contemporary Mystical Theology.” | Fr. Egan has also written a piece for The Renewal of Mystical Theology: Essays in Memory of John N. Jones (Crossroad Publishing, 2017), titled “The Eschatological Consciousness of the Christian Mystics,” and three essays for Nuovo Dizionario di Mistica (Rome: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2016).  In addition, Fr. Egan is the presenter on two CD series: “Karl Rahner: Theological Giant of the Twentieth Century” and “The Christian Mystical Tradition.”

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