New constitutional law resource

BC Law School Professor Richard Albert, an editor at I-CONnect, the blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and Law School Professor Vlad Perju, director of BC’s Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, have established a partnership between their two organizations that has resulted in the publication of a new resource for learning about constitutions from around the world. The Global Review of Constitutional Law will assemble reports that provide an overview of constitutional developments and cases in individual jurisdictions during the previous calendar year. The first edition of the e-book includes 44 jurisdictions, ranging from Finland to Romania to Zambia. According to co-editor Albert, “The reports in this first-of-its-kind volume offer readers systematic knowledge that, previously, has been limited mainly to local networks rather than a broader readership. By making this information available to the larger field of public law in an easily digestible format, we aim to increase the base of knowledge upon which scholars and judges can draw.”

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