Book review: Prophecy Without Contempt

prophesyIn a book review for Commonweal magazine, Libby Professor of Law and Theology Cathleen Kaveny’s Prophecy without Contempt: Religious Discourse in the Public Square (Harvard University Press, 2016) is called “important and path-breaking.” The reviewer  goes on to write: “The place of religious discourse in the American public square has received much attention for many years, but the role of prophetic indictment has been largely overlooked. Kaveny’s book not only opens a ‘new front’ in these debates, but starts the conversation with a rich analysis of the history and function of prophetic discourse and a carefully developed normative framework to guide its use. The interdisciplinary work that informs Kaveny’s book is especially impressive. As an ethicist and legal academic, Kaveny draws on resources from these disciplines, and she also integrates sophisticated analyses of American history, biblical scholarship, and literary criticism.”

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  1. jadanner1 says:

    I am going to have to check out this book. I am listening to her lecture on the Fresh Thinking podcast, which is produced by the Center for Theological Inquiry (Princeton).

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