Mergers and Acquisitions

mergersLaw School Associate Professor Brian JM Quinn’s latest textbook Mergers and Acquisitions: Law, Theory, and Practice (West Academic Publishing)  is poised to change the way that transactional law is taught in U.S. law schools by immersing students in a deal environment. The textbook, co-authored with Claire Hill and Steven Davidoff Solomon, focuses on a number of recent high profile deals to teach students about the basics of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the tools to negotiate and document the best deal for their clients. “The idea behind this book is that law students and young lawyers not only have to know the law of mergers and acquisitions, but that they also have to understand the practice of law and doing the deal,” Quinn told BC Law magazine. “Being an M&A lawyer requires not only a knowledge of the law—the statutes, cases, and regulations—but it also requires that the lawyer understand the document, how it’s negotiated and, ultimately, how it actually gets litigated.” More from BC Law magazine.

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