Review for Understanding and Teaching American Slavery

american slaveryIn a review for Education Week, contributor Kate Shuster writes that the new book Understanding and Teaching American Slavery, co-edited by Associate Professor of History Lynn Lyerly and BC alumna Bethany Jay “has the potential to change the way that slavery is taught in American schools.” The volume takes a comprehensive look at slavery across American history, offering dozens of concrete suggestions for teaching strategies and learning objects that could be used in all K-12 social studies classrooms. Shuster goes on to write, “In a world where the divide between historians and educators is often both vast and vague, it’s refreshing to see a book that takes seriously the bridge between understanding and teaching. Teachers with serious content knowledge are more likely to be effective, but we all know that content knowledge isn’t enough in the classroom. I hope we’ll see more resources like this stellar book to help move our society closer to understanding slavery in all of its dimensions.”  Read the full review.

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