Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival

poetryfestStudents representing 25 Boston-area colleges and universities will read from their own poetry at the annual Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival at BC on Apr. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in Yawkey Center’s Murray Function Room. Senior Kwesi Aaron, a major in English and political science, was selected as BC’s representative poet and will present “North of the City,” which he wrote as a response—“a defense of city life”—to John Updike’s “Coming Into New York.” “For me, poetry is the most raw way of distilling emotion into words.  When I write poems, words usually come to me in a flurry. I enjoy the process of tidying up those subconscious thoughts enough so that they may mean something to someone else as well,” said Aaron. The festival is sponsored by Poetry Days and Boston College Magazine. More from BC News

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