Lynch School educators

critical approaches4-h studyLynch School of Education professors have recently served as co-editors for two important texts. Ana M. Martínez Alemán is the co-editor of Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education (Johns Hopkins University Press), which argues that critical tools and methods are central to contemporary scholarship and can have practical policy implications when brought to the study of higher education. According to the book’s contributors, critical research design and critical theories help scholars see beyond the normative models and frameworks that have long limited the understanding of students, faculty, institutions, the organization and governance of higher education, and the policies that shape the post-secondary arena. Jacqueline Lerner is a co-editor of Promoting Positive Youth Development: Lessons from the 4-H Study (Springer). Based on findings from the longitudinal 4-H study, this volume discusses how resources, such as strong relationships with parents, peers and the community, can be fostered in young people to contribute to the enhancement of their functioning throughout life.

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