Immigrant life

deliriumThe Center for Human Rights and International Justice (CHRIJ) is hosting a book launch on Nov. 16 to mark the publication of two books exploring different facets of the life of the immigrant in the US and in the Boston area. The event will be held in Devlin Hall 101 starting at 7 p.m. One of the featured books is The New Deportations Delirium: Interdisciplinary Responses (NYU Press, 2015), co-edited by CHRIJ Associate Directors Brinton Lykes of the Lynch School of Education and Daniel Kanstroom of the BC Law School. Since deportation laws were toughened in 1996, millions of migrants to the U.S., including many long-term legal permanent residents with “green cards,” have experienced summary arrest, incarceration without bail, transfer to remote detention facilities, and deportation without counsel—a lifetime banishment from what is, in many cases, the only country they have ever known. The New Deportations Delirium aims to raise public consciousness about the complexities of the issues, presenting fresh conversation and urging a holistic response. In the book, deportation policy is debated by lawyers, judges, social workers, researchers, and clinical and community psychologists as well as educators, researchers, and community activists. The other book being celebrated at the event is The New Bostonians: How Immigrants Have Transformed the Metro Area since the 1960s (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015) by Professor of History Marilynn Johnson. [See 8/31/15 BC Bookmarks for more on this book.] Listen to Johnson talk about her new book with WGBH News.

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