BC Libraries features faculty authors

library logoBoston College Libraries has recently featured three professors who published books last year in the fields of art, management and Irish politics. In Text and Image in Medieval Persian Art (Edinburgh University Press), Calderwood Professor of Islamic and Asian Art Sheila Blair presents a case study of five pieces of Persian art (10th to 16th century) to show how an object can tell a story about time and through time. She was interviewed by librarian Nina BogdanovskyGalligan Chair of Strategy Sandra Waddock of the Carroll School of Management profiles 28 academic leaders in her book Intellectual Shamans: Management Academics Making a Difference (Cambridge University Press). She demonstrates how these individuals in the management academy use their intellectual gifts to perform roles as healers, connectors and sensemakers, like traditional shamans. She was interviewed by librarian Sonia Ensins. History Professor of the Practice Robert Savage‘s biography Sean Lemass (University College Dublin Press) presents a portrait of the influential politician who served as Ireland’s Taoiseach (prime minister) from 1959-66. Librarian Elliot Brandow interviewed Savage about his book.

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