The Quest of Miles Arthur

miles arthurBoston College alumnus C.E. Zyburo has published his debut novel, Miles Arthur and the Quest for the King’s Scabbard (Wee Creek Press, 2015). It is a young adult fantasy novel about a high school student who is thrust into a medieval adventure. From the publisher: “Miles Arthur considers himself a lucky kid – he gets three square meals a day, goes to a nice high school, and lives in a mansion. Problem is, no matter what he eats he remains undersized, he has no friends and is picked on at school, and his foster father runs the huge estate where he lives like a boot camp. His foster brother, Kay, is older, stronger, and gets treated like a prince while Miles suffers silently. But soon, the hand of fate seems to start favoring Miles and when one unexpected victory is followed by another, he quickly finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime.” C.E. Zyburo is probably better known as “Mr. Z”–  a middle school teacher in Tampa, Florida. Book review

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