Endangered species

cover2.inddBC alumna Yang Huang’s novel Living Treasures (Harvard Square Editions, 2014) is set in China, Huang’s native country. Huang tells the story of Gu Bao, a law student who befriends a panda and a woman hiding from China’s one-child policy enforcers. According to Midwest Book Review, Living Treasures is “nothing short of spectacular; especially for readers who want a story steeped in Chinese culture, tradition, and politics but cemented by a powerful young woman who emerges as a savior to others.” 

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  1. Thank you so much, BC Bookmarks. I graduated from BC with an MA in literature in 1998. I was fortunate to have studied with Prof. Elizabeth Graver, Robert Stanton, Alan Richardson, John Mahogny, and Beth Kowaleski Wallace. Now I am an eagle in the Bay Area. Please visit my website http://www.yanghuang.com.

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