Spirituality for the family

six rulesAlumni Tim Muldoon, who works in Boston College’s Division of Mission and Ministry, and his wife, Sue, have published Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality for the Home (Ave Maria Press, 2013), which offers tips to parents to help them cultivate their children’s faith. Road-tested by their own three children, the rules are the product of Tim and Sue’s years of experience as parents and educators. Tim Muldoon is also the author of The Ignatian Workout and contributes to the online religion and spirituality website Patheos. He talks about the new book in the Boston College Chronicle.

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2 Responses to Spirituality for the family

  1. Tim Muldoon says:

    Actually we are both alumni– Sue (’90) and I (’92) met as undergraduate Theology majors.

  2. Bookworm says:

    Didn’t know that. The post has been adjusted to reflect that both authors are BC graduates.

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