Gustave Courbet

Winter Landscapev1Visitors to the exclusive exhibition, Courbet: Mapping Realismwhich opens this weekend at BC’s McMullen Museum of Art, can gain additional insights into its subject–realist movement leader Gustave Courbet, one of France’s most prolific and innovative painters–via an accompanying volume of essays by American and Belgian scholars. Courbet: Mapping Realism, a color-illustrated volume, explores Courbet’s art in light of this expanded view of his career and showcases artwork from both the US and Belgium, which are rarely exhibited or published together. The catalogue is edited by Jeffery Howe, a professor of art history at Boston College. Contributors include BC Fine Arts Department professors Claude Cernuschi and Katherine Nahum, as well as Dominique Marechal, curator of 19th century art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, and Jean-Philippe Huys, a researcher at the Centre international pour l’Étude du XIXe siècle in Brussels. For more about the exhibition, see this Boston Globe story.

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