One of the best: Ingrid Hillinger

lawteachersA new book published this month by Harvard University Press takes a look at the strategies and personal traits of 26 of the best law school professors across the country, the culmination of a four-year study that identified extraordinary law teachers who have a significant, positive, and long-term effect on their students. One of the professors featured in What The Best Law Teachers Do is BC Law School Professor Ingrid Hillinger. Hillinger, a recipient of the Boston College Distinguished Teaching Award in 2002, teaches a variety of commercial law/bankruptcy courses, including Contracts, Business Bankruptcy, and Secured Transactions. One of the co-authors, Michael Hunter Schwartz, professor of Law and dean of the William H. Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, had this to say about Hillinger: “I had the great opportunity to study Ingrid’s teaching, and I continue to use, almost every day I teach, things I learned from watching her. There really is no one I saw who is more committed to serving her students than Ingrid is.”

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