Finding Christmas through a misfit sock

The Misfit Sock, a family tradition-turned-storybook by BC alumna Karen Kiefer, tells the tale of a sock which has lost its match during the laundry cycle. The sock is instantly labeled a “misfit” and thrown into a misfit laundry pile. The forgotten sock loses all hope until it meets the magnificent spirit of Christmas. It finds meaning and purpose when it is magically transformed into a gratitude sock for Santa, his elves and reindeer. Families can start their own Misfit Sock tradition with The Misfit Sock Gift Set, which includes an illustrated storybook, a misfit sock with a hanging ribbon, and prayer cards or wish cards.  According to Kiefer: “In addition to the story, young children can enjoy their very own one-of-a-kind misfit sock to love, hang on the mantel and fill with daily misfit sock prayer cards, leading up until Christmas…Santa enjoys the gratitude offerings and reads all of the child’s prayers, knowing enough to leave the sock behind for the child so the tradition can continue. It is a great way for children to reflect on the Advent themes of love, hope, joy, inspiration and gratitude through the transformative plight of a lonely misfit sock.” For more information, visit
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2 Responses to Finding Christmas through a misfit sock

  1. jonibee says:

    I thouroughly enjoyed hearing you on the Jordan Rich radio talk show last evening and wish you great success.

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