After the diagnosis

In the spirit of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BC Bookmarks highlights a book by Ann Murray Paige, a member of the BC Class of 1987 who was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38. Paige is the author of pink tips. breast cancer advice from someone who’s been there. It contains Paige’s best breast cancer advice condensed into 50 top tips to help anyone diagnosed with breast cancer–and all those who want to know how they can help. Paige, who has worked as a local television reporter, brings her trademark storyteller’s eye and humor to her projects, which also include the book Words to Live By: Whatever You’re Up Against, This Book’s for You and the documentary “The Breast Cancer Diaries.”
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1 Response to After the diagnosis

  1. Thank you for highlighting my book. I will be at Mass General, Oct 27 11-1p and Dana Farber, Oct 29, 11-2p for book signings. Would love to see my classmates!

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