A social justice schema for educators

scanlan_Navigating social justice

BC Lynch School of Education and Human Development Associate Professor Martin Scanlan has written a book that provides educators and school leaders in both the private and public sectors a highly accessible and easily adaptable framework that can help them help create more equitable schools. In Navigating Social Justice (Harvard University Press, 2023), Scanlan distills wisdom gleaned from the experiences of a variety of educational professionals as well as from his own decades of work in equity-focused partnership with elementary schools. According to the publisher: “Scanlan’s schema brings together five dimensions—inclusivity, communities of practice, critical formation, social ecosystems, and practical wisdom—that work together holistically to eradicate inequitable practices and policies and promote robust teaching and inclusive learning. For each dimension, the book features real-life vignettes that focus the conversation, exercises that encourage reflection, and suggested opportunities for the application of its central ideas. The practical guidance offered in this book not only will enable educational institutions to best meet the needs of families and community members but will also help leaders cultivate the moral and intellectual judgment needed to address social justice issues in schools.”

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