Catholic theological ethics

Keenan_ethics historyIn his latest book, BC Vice Provost for Global Engagement James Keenan, S.J. offers an introduction to Catholic theological ethics through the lens of its historical development from the beginning of the Church until today. A History of Catholic Theological Ethics (Paulist Press, 2022) is a comprehensive study of every period in the history of the tradition, from the early Patristic period to the history of the Penitentials and Confessionals, to the founding of religious orders and universities, the emergence of scholasticism, the birth of modern casuistry, the Council of Trent and the subsequent moral manuals, to contemporary Reformers within the global Church. A History of Catholic Theological Ethics has been lauded as a “landmark achievement” and “tour de force” by scholars. Fr. Keenan is the Canisius Professor in BC’s Theology Department and directs the University’s Jesuit Institute. He has edited or written 25 books. He has published more than 300 essays, articles, and reviews in some 25 international journals. Fr. Keenan is founder of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church.

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