A theology for the pilgrim church

lennan-tillingBC School of Theology and Ministry Professor Rev. Richard Lennan explores the possibilities for a more faithful, just, and creative church—one responsive to the movement of grace—in his new book Tilling the Church: Theology for an Unfinished Project (Liturgical Press, 2022). Commonweal magazine editors write of Tilling the Church: “A farmer tills the soil when he notices that it needs to be renewed, enabling it to best bear fruit. Just the same, the Church must constantly be attentive to movements of grace so that it can be cultivated for fruitfulness. Open to the echoes of Vatican II and aligned with the mission of Pope Francis…Tilling the Church lays out an ecclesiology for today. The Church is an unfinished project, [Lennan] writes, constantly tilled by grace through the Holy Spirit—that is, made more authentic, aided in its growth, and formed truer to its mission. The Church must be self-critical and responsive in order to actualize this tilling. As times change and the Spirit moves, so too must the Church continually respond and convert.” Fr. Lennan is a priest of the diocese of Maitland-Newcastle (Australia). He served as co-editor of two publications authored by School of Theology and Ministry faculty, The Holy Spirit: Setting the World on Fire and Hope: Promise, Possibility, and Fulfillment.

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