Helping companies create social value

googins sustainabilityTo address the problems facing society, companies must shift their corporate mindset from sustainability (do no harm) to creating social value (do more good), according to leadership and social innovation experts Philip Mirvis and Bradley K. Googins, authors of the new book Sustainability to Social Change: Lead Your Company from Managing Risks to Creating Social Value (Kogan Page, 2022). Their book outlines the strategies and practices that leaders can use to address the five biggest problems facing companies and society today: purpose, prosperity, products, planet and people. Filled with real life examples, hands-on guidelines, and self-assessments to rate your company’s performance, Sustainability to Social Change can help business leaders pivot their company’s mindset and practices in order to enhance society and the environment, and fuel their own success. Bradley Googins is a retired Boston College professor who served as executive director BC’s Center for Corporate Citizenship.

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